Samsung Galaxy X2 2021 Price, Release Date & Full Specification

Samsung Galaxy X2, here we will discuss about Samsung Galaxy X2 phone. If you have come to know about the Samsung Galaxy x2 phone then you have come to the right website. From here you can learn all about this phone. Here we will discuss all the things in the phone including the price release date of the phone. For example, from here you can know about the display of the phone. You can know the phone’s camera battery charging system body color android system network system sound quality storage: you can know all the details including the processor.

So if you have decided to purchase this phone. Or if you want to know the exact details about the phone, then you must know the information given by us. And according to the information given by us, you can know what the phone will look like.

Samsung Galaxy x2 release date

Here we will discuss about the release date of the phone. That means you can find out from here when the Phone is going to come in the market. After learning about the phone, many people have decided to buy the Phone. But they still do not know when the phone will be released. So today we have gathered information from Samsung’s official website and presented it to you. So hopefully from here you will get the correct information of the phone. The phone is given below the release date. From there you can find out when this phone is coming.

Samsung Galaxy x2 Price

From here you can find out the exact information about the price of the Samsung Galaxy x2 phone. All the information about this phone is already known and this phone is coming to us very soon. That is why many people have expressed their desire to know about the price of this phone, so we have come up with the price of this attractive phone from Samsung Mobile Phone Company for their cooperation.

From here you can know about the price of this phone. We price the phones by country on our website. In other words, we are keeping the price of the phone according to the country. From there, you can select your country and see how much the price of the phone has been set in your country. Below is the price of the phone in the form of a table.

Price in US 2021 $860 USD
Price in India 2021 Rs, 61,780
Price in UK 2021 780.53 Euro
Price in Bangladesh 2021 73,000 BDT.
Price in Singapore 176.31 Singapore Dollar
Price in Malaysia 2021 3,591.79 Malaysian Ringgit

Samsung X2 Battery:

There are many who want to know about this volt battery. They can learn about the battery of this phone from here. An important part of the phone is the battery. Many people buy phones depending on the battery. So let’s find out what battery Samsung has given to this phone and the details about its power are given below. The Samsung Galaxy X2 is coming to us with a non-removable Li-Ion 7000mAh battery box. Furthermore, this Smartphone has super-fast charging technology.

Samsung Galaxy X2 Camera

Here I will talk about the Camera of the phone. If you want to know more about phone Camera, you can find out from here. This phone has 4 Camera (64 MP + 48.0 MP + 16.0 MP + 8.0) MP. And the one camera that Remains as a selfie camera is 32MP. 4k can Record video


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