Samsung Galaxy Alpha Release Date, Price, Feature, Review, Specification

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone has come up with all the information among you, those of you who have come to our website to know this result must read the whole post carefully. The information we have is completely accurate. That means if you want to know the right information about this phone then you have come to the right place. Here are the things we will discuss in detail here. The release date of the phone as well as you can find out what display is used in the phone so that you can setup the camera system network system Android system storage: battery processor fingerprint sensor USB port everything.

Suddenly you will get the full idea of ​​the phone from here. If you want to decide whether to buy the phone or are thinking of buying, then you must know all these things seriously. You can easily choose what the phone will look like based on all these things.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Release Date

Do you want to know about the release of Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone? Then you can know the release date of the phone from here. Because here only we will discuss about ourselves in the hotel. Many people have spread rumors about the release date of this Samsung phone. So you know the exact release date of the phone from here, the release date of the phone is given below.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Processor

The important part of the phone is the processor. There are many people who buy phones without knowing the details about the processor before buying the phone. This is a very important part. At present, many people are trying to find out what processor is used in the phone. Because the processor is very important for internet browsing or online games. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha uses an octa core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Display

We will Discuss about the Display of the phone Samsung mobile phone company has used 4.7 inch Display in this phone. Which is 11.94 cm and the display used in the phone is Super AMOLED Display which is 321 PPl. Hopefully got the whole idea about the phone’s display. Also keep an eye on the bottom to know all the rest.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Camera

There is a lot of use of camera at the present time. So the decision to purchase the phone should be made after knowing the details about the camera to make the call. There are many people who decide to buy a phone based on the camera. That’s why we’re here today to let you know about phone cameras. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone has a 12 megapixel primary camera. And it comes with LED flash. 2.1 MP four Camera. Hope you found out about the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Price

I will talk about the price of the phone. There are many who are searching online to find out the price of Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone. Thinking about your needs, we have come here with the price of the phone. Samsung Mobile Phone Company has informed you about the price of the phone through their official website. I have collected the price from there and come to present it to you. Below is the price of the phone. Those of you who want to know about the phone can find out below.

  • Price in USA= $ 114
  • Price in Sri Lanka= LKR 60,860


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