Oppo Reno5 A Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature

Oppo Reno A+ is a smartphone that was introduced in the market during the first half of this year. It has been designed by some renowned companies like Oppo, who are known for making high quality smartphones. The phone comes with an aluminum body and has a very classy design. It is one of the rare types of smartphones that are powered by a quad-core processor. Also, it comes with a lot of unique features. So, if you are looking forward to buy Oppo Reno A+ for your next phone purchase, then you can look at the below mentioned points and decide whether this is the right smartphone for you.

Description: Oppo Reno A+ comes with a very innovative design. It looks similar to the Oppo S model, which is another mid-budget smartphone from Oppo. However, it has a more modernized design and is equipped with an octa-core processor, namely the Snapdragon S Experience. It also comes with a super-cooled display and offers a large screen to its users.

Super AMOLED display: Oppo Reno A+ comes with a five-finger navigation bar, which makes it easier to tap on the buttons. This feature helps the user to locate the menu quickly. Also, the fingerprint sensor provides enhanced protection against intruders. The fingerprint sensor has been located at the top left corner of the screen, which allows easy access of the menu. Also, the brightness of the screen is enhanced, and it comes with a dim capability, too.

Processor speed: The processor speed of the Oppo Reno A+ is one of the best phones in this generation. It comes with the Cortex-A processor, which is quite powerful. Users can enjoy the enhanced performance of their phone with this. It has the same architecture as that of the iPhone 4S. With this chip, one can enjoy the speed of mobile connectivity, thanks to its dual-band GSM and EDGE support. With the help of its 16Mbit /HZSD support, the Oppo Reno A+ can easily connect with different sim cards.

Camera module: The camera module of the Oppo Reno A+ renders amazing photography results. With a 5.2 megapixel camera, the smartphone renders excellent pictures and videos. Users can enjoy the fun filled shooting of the family and friends, as the images are loaded instantly into the mobile memory. The Selfie mode of the smartphone renders the user with a virtual image of oneself, which acts as a personal assistant.

With a spacious and well-organized storage space, the Oppo Reno A+ helps the users to store more information. The data can be further managed with the help of the Android multitasking facility and the built-in Google Maps. The fingerprint sensor of the smartphone also enables you to take numerous photos using the camera, with a high quality resolution of the original ones. The selfies that you take with the help of the smartphone can also be saved in your internal storage and be used later.

Memory: 8GB RAM +128GB ROMRAM Type: LPDDR4x @1866MHzExternal Memory: SupportedUSB Version: USB 2.0USB OTGļ¼šSupported.

Display: Size: 6.4″(16.33cm)Screen Ratio: 91.7%Resolution: 2400 x 1080 (FHD+)Refresh Rate: Maximum 90Hz, Options 90Hz or 60HzTouch Sampling Rate: Maximum 180Hz (2 fingers), Default 120Hz (5 fingers)Colour Gamut: Vivid mode 93.28%DCI-P3, 135.13%sRGB; Gentle mode 73.72%DCI-P3, 100%sRGBPixel Density: 410 PPIContrast Ratio: Static maximum: 1000000:1 (typical); Dynamic maximum: 200000:1 (typical)Brightness: 430 nits (typical); with a maximum of 600 nits in sunlight (typical)Panel: AMOLED (rigid screen)

Audio quality: Thanks to the powerful speaker unit of the Oppo Reno A+, it enables the users to enjoy crystal clear sound from the mobile speaker. The noise isolation and the noise cancellation features of the smartphone allow the users to enjoy music and movie without any disturbances from the external environment. Along with the latest version of the Windows OS, the Oppo Reno A+ also offers excellent connectivity options such as the Bluetooth technology. With the help of this technology, one can transfer data using a Bluetooth enabled device.

Storage capacity: The Oppo Reno A+ has a large storage capacity of the 16 gigabytes which can be further enhanced with the help of the expandable memory module of the smartphone. This secondary camera module of the Oppo Reno A+ is an upgraded version of the primary camera module. It helps to capture images with the assistance of a facial recognition facility. One can also edit the captured images using the built-in editing software. The OPPO Reno A+ has a high resolution scanner, which helps to capture the images in the format of digital cameras.


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