OnePlus 9T Pro 5G 2021 Price & Specifications

The OnePlus 9T Pro has received a lot of attention from review sites, tech blogs and social media networks. Its design is an unusual mix of a smartphone and a laptop. This device has been manufactured by Oxygen, so they have a very high standard when it comes to making a high quality smartphone that also looks good. The design of this smartphone manages to combine some features found on other smartphones such as a notification centre, a built in camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Oxygen has not shirked on the amount of features present on this smartphone. There are many different elements present on this device but the key feature is the Oxygen engine. The OnePlus 9T Pro has a powerful chipset in terms of power but the screen size does not leave much to be desired. The display is quite large and bright. It has a very wide color spectrum and a high contrast ratio. This helps to make everything on the screen stand out making everything look sharp.

One of the best aspects of the OnePlus 9T Pro is the keyboard dock which is included with the phone. This keyboard dock makes use of the USB port on the motherboard to provide extra functionality for those that may find the default keyboard configurations too limited. There are many features that can be taken advantage of with the keyboards such as Bluetooth, volume keys and navigation buttons being located close to the display for a user experience that is not too cumbersome.

Despite being one of the latest devices from Oxygen, the OnePlus 9T Pro doesn’t really stand out from the crowd with its looks. Its look is more like that of an average smartphone rather than one that is too trendy. In fact, the device looks very much like the iPhone in terms of looks. The front face glass has been reduced in size, which helps to allow the device to take on a smaller form but it still looks sleek and attractive.

One of the main features of this device is the dual camera setup. With the ability to switch between the two cameras, the OnePlus 9T Pro is given the ability to take pictures in a number of different angles and for a longer duration of time. The dual cameras also feature an improved image stabilization system over the iPhone, which helps to eliminate some of the shake in the pictures resulting from taking pictures in crowded areas. The facial recognition technology that is present on the iPhone is present on this device meaning that it can recognize your face even when you are not looking at the camera. The result is that you get higher quality photos without having to pose for long periods of time which is great for social media users.

Model OnePlus 9T Pro
Status Rumored
Price 0.00
Variant 12 GB RAM & 256 GB ROM
Display 6.55 inches Fluid AMOLED
Battery 4500 mAh Li-Po

Another feature that this device has been the notification centre. With the ability to check multiple email accounts via the email centre, the OnePlus 9T Pro makes life easier. Not only does it allow you to manage your email account quickly and efficiently, but it can also be used as a GPS unit as well. The phone also features support for Google Translate which means that if you want to translate any English text into Spanish then you will be able to do this with ease. This device is one of the best handsets on the market and as long as you take the time to look through its feature list and find all the things you need, then you will have a brilliant new smartphone.


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