Nokia Swan Max Pro 2021 Release Date, Price, Feature, Specs, Full Specification

Nokia Swan Max Pro Release Date, Price, Feature, Specs, Full Specification, Today we will talk about Nokia’s upcoming smartphones. Nokia’s new smart phone is coming to us soon. We all know Nokia is a smartphone brand. For a long time now, this company has been releasing different designs on different feature phones. Currently the company is very popular. This phone is in use in all countries of the world and is popular in all countries. Many people say that Nokia is one of the smartphone companies. And today we will discuss here about the upcoming smartphone of Nokia mobile phone company i.e. Nokia Swan Max Pro. Those of you who want to know about this phone must stay with us. Today we bring you the full review of this phone.

From here you can find out about the footy display. Phone release date Roy Pandit The same camera has been used. Starting from the battery charger, all these will be discussed in detail here.

Nokia Swan Max Pro Release Date

When will this phone come? I will reveal this issue here. Many have come to know about the Nokia Swan Max Pro release date. They will be able to know from here when the phone is going to be released and when this phone will come in the market. Many have already decided to buy the phone. They must know the release of the phone from here. However, we can see the Nokia Swan Max Pro phone by early 2021.

Nokia Swan Max Pro Display

Many of you want to know the details about the display for calling. So we will discuss about the display of the phone here. The display is a very important part of the phone. Then find out what display has been used in the phone and what is the display size. First of all let me tell you Nokia Swan Max Pro The display of the past is 6.6 inches. And it has been used as a Display Super AMOLED display. That would be a Resolution of 2160 x 3840 Pixels and a tall 21:9 aspect ratio.  It supports a 4K resolution.

Nokia Swan Max Pro Mobile Camera

There are many people who buy phones based on the camera. So it can be said that camera is an important part for buying a phone. So we will discuss about the camera here. If you want to know about the camera, know carefully. Nokia Swan Max camera is a quad-camera setup. It consists of a 64MP + 32MP + 16MP + 8MP lens on the back. On the other Site, this Smartphone comes with a dual 32MP lens for selfies and video calling.

Nokia Swan Max Pro Storage

Nokia will release this phone in two versions. This means that you will get this phone in two versions, one is 10 GB and 128 GB. And the other is 12GB and 256GB. Of these you can take 12GB and 512GB if you want. And you can use micro SD card in this phone if you want.

Nokia Swan Max Pro Price

From here you can find out the price of the phone set by Nokia mobile phone company. But hopefully the price of the product will be within your reach. Since the phone is very good, the price may be a bit higher. If I want to buy the phone, you must know the price of the phone from here. There are also many people who decide to buy a phone after knowing the price. That is why we have come before you with the right price. And we have a few country prices on our website. If you live in one of these countries, you can easily find out the price of this phone in your country.

Price in USA $750
Price in India Rs. 54, 152
Price in Malaysia 1925.33
Price in Indonesia  6480427.50


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