Nokia N9 Max Price, Specs, Release Date

Nokia N9 Max Review Nokia phones are known to be a good buy. This is so because Nokia has a good history of designing phones that are attractive and perform well. Today, we will be looking at Nokia N9 Max which is a mid-budget smartphone from Nokia that performs like a powerhouse. The best thing about this smartphone is that it comes with a huge memory. In this review we will take a deeper look at Nokia N9 Max Review.

Nokia N9 Max Review – Nokia phones are known to have a great reputation when it comes to battery life and power efficiency. So this is why we will be looking into Nokia N9 Max review. This handset was one of the first devices in the new age smartphone industry to use a large battery. The biggest selling point was that this could last up to a week on a single charge. Nokia then went ahead and launched the second version of the device, which was the Nokia N9 Max Anniversary Edition.

In this review we will see if the second anniversary edition of the smartphone packs an extra punch. If you need a powerful smartphone that you can use while you are on the go then this is one of the best choices that you will ever make. It comes with a huge 1 mega pixel capacitive touchscreen, which means that you will never have to be ashamed of missing out on a text message again. On the other hand, if you need something that can easily impress your friends with its amazing video features then this handset will blow them away with its many features including HD video recording.

The Nokia N9 Max has the ability to play high definition video and images, and this comes as standard on this smartphone along with its gorgeous Super AMOLED screen. The Nokia N9 Max Anniversary Edition has been enhanced with a huge 12GB expandable internal memory allowing you to store a lot more songs, movies and games on it. This phone also comes with two mini cameras so that you can take excellent pictures with it whether you are walking or cycling. One of the best features of this handset is the built in speaker, which means that you get to hear your music crystal clear even if you are riding on public transport or just enjoying the breeze on a beach.

The Nokia N9 Max comes as a sleek phone, which makes it extremely slim and convenient to slip into your pocket. However this phone is not all about the looks, because it still has all of the technology inside which is why it is able to run most of the popular android applications such as tape, MMS, Gallery, Google Maps and much more. On the other hand the battery life of this handset has unfortunately not improved much from its predecessors. Nokia has however claims that the battery life of its phones have improved with each new release but the bottom line is that this handset is not as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S which is also within the same price bracket. Nokia N9 Max is however an excellent bargain, so if you are looking for a nice little smartphone with some nice specs which perform well then this could be the one for you.

Nokia N9 Max 2021 Price – $590

Country Price (Expected)
1. Price in India 42990 INR.
2. Price in Pakistan 91600 PKR
3.Price in Bangladesh 49900 BDT
4. Price in Nigeria 243000 NGN.
5.  Price in Mexico 11760 MXN
6. Price in Russia 42950 RUB
7 Price in UAE 2170 AED
8. Price in Euro Country 485 EUR

Nokia N9 Max 2021 Full Specifications & Features

If you are looking for a phone that has everything you could want from a modern smartphone and then the Nokia N9 Max is definitely worth considering. With a beautiful design, superb sound quality, stunning screen and a vast amount of storage which allow you to upload any music, movies, photos or games onto it instantly, you would have to pay big money for a device like this. Fortunately there are so many carriers out there that are offering this handset so you should have no trouble finding a good one that has the features you want. Nokia has not released a sales schedule for the release date of its new handset so we will have to wait and see if the new handset will revolutionize the mobile industry.

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